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Missouri Workers’ Compensation Insurance Defense Attorneys

Under state law, employers — or their insurance companies — are required to pay workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers. At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, in St. Louis, we have been representing employers and insurers in Missouri and Illinois for more than 80 years. We are committed to helping our clients

We defend employers and insurance companies during workers’ compensation disputes, protect them from fraudulent claims, and ensure they do not pay more than what is legally required.

Defending Against Workers’ Compensation Claims

At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, we perform a thorough investigation of the alleged accident to determine whether the employee was in fact injured while performing work duties. We also review the claimant’s medical history. If a pre-existing condition caused or contributed to the injury in dispute, the amount of compensation owed to the claimant may be reduced.

We also work with physicians and medical experts to evaluate the claimant’s medical improvement. If he or she is ready to return to work, workers’ compensation benefits will cease.

We provide clients with a clear analysis of their cases. If litigation is the best way to adequately protect our clients’ financial interests, we will go to court. Our attorneys are skilled litigators. We know how local workers’ compensation hearings operate and how best to position our clients’ cases. However, if negotiation and settlement offer the best path, we will use our skills to resolve your case in an efficient manner.

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At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, we have one goal: to resolve workers’ compensation disputes as quickly as possible, while reducing our clients’ financial commitment. Contact our workers’ compensation insurance defense lawyers at 314-269-0135 or 800-383-1418.

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