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Commercial Arbitration Attorneys: St. Louis, Missouri

Complex business agreements, employment contracts and large commercial developments often involve many parties and large amounts of money. When disputes arise, the financial interests and legal rights of all parties are at stake. Many commercial contracts require parties to resolve disputes via arbitration or mediation. During arbitration and mediation, it is advisable to consult with attorneys to advise you throughout the process.

At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, our attorneys have been serving the legal and business needs of the St. Louis community for more than 80 years. We help clients protect their rights during arbitration and mediation.

Representation During Arbitration And Mediation Proceedings

In Missouri, parties to arbitration and mediation can bring their own legal counsel into the discussions. At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, our lawyers are acutely familiar with arbitration and mediation processes.

Before entering arbitration or mediation, we do our homework. We carefully interpret the contracts at play and the circumstances surrounding the dispute. We know your rights, know the responsibilities of the other party and have a sound legal strategy in place.

The Benefits Of Arbitration And Mediation

Arbitration and mediation provide many advantages. Unlike litigation, arbitration and mediation are typically less contentious paths to dispute resolution, involving less time and money. In addition, arbitration and mediation also afford the parties greater control over the outcome. Instead of decisions being made by a judge or jury, the parties reach an agreement with the help of a neutral third party.

Another benefit of arbitration and mediation is privacy. Litigation is public record, decisions reached through alternative means remain private. For businesses concerned about public perception and corporate goodwill, retaining privacy is key.

Common claims handled through commercial arbitration or mediation include:

  • Breach of contract allegations
  • Breach of warranty allegations
  • Personal injury
  • Negligence allegations
  • Employment disputes
  • Construction defects

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