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After being injured in a workplace accident, many employees are forced to miss work. No work means no paycheck. Lost wages plus large medical bills can make it difficult to support a family. However, injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, in St. Louis, our firm helps injured workers throughout the region obtain the workers’ comp benefits they need to pay their bills and treat their injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In Missouri, injured workers are entitled to a portion of their lost wages and full medical benefits after being injured in a workplace accident. The amount of wages paid depends on several factors, such as the nature and severity of the injury.

Temporary total disability is paid for up to 400 weeks at a percentage of the employee’s regular pay. Temporary partial disability is paid for up to 100 weeks. Permanent disability benefits are also available.

However, enforcing your workers’ compensation claim can often be challenging. Oftentimes, an employer’s insurance company is hesitant to pay out benefits or may wish to cut off your benefits before you are physically ready to return to work.

If you need help obtaining workers’ comp benefits, if your benefits have been denied or if your benefits have been stopped before you have healed, our work injury attorneys can assist you. We represent injured workers during every step of the process.

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