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Missouri Class Action Litigation Attorneys

If your company has had a class-action suit initiated against it or been named a co-defendant in class-action litigation, millions of dollars and corporate goodwill are on the line. Your company needs a law firm with a history of successful class-action defense.

At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, our firm has been representing businesses in St. Louis and the surrounding areas for more than 80 years. Our attorneys have defended clients against class-action suits in state, federal and appellate courts throughout Missouri and Illinois. We can help you.

Class-Action Litigation

Class-action lawsuits involve numerous parties and complex multi-jurisdictional issues that are both technical and legal in nature. At Leritz & Plunkert, PC, our personal injury lawyers have the skills and experience to defend against the most contentious class-action suits. We handle every stage of the legal process, from pre-certification hearings to discovery and class certification, and trials and appeals.

Litigation can be costly. Our goal is to obtain the earliest, most effective resolution possible, helping our clients avoid the time, cost and negative publicity associated with a public trial. However, if settlement is not an option, we will go to court and aggressively fight for a favorable verdict.

Our firm has the legal knowledge and courtroom experience necessary to successfully defend clients against a wide range of class-action suits, including:

  • Defective products and devices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Employment discrimination
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • ERISA violations
  • OHSA violations
  • Insurance industry litigation

Defend Against Class-Action Suits, Contact Leritz & Plunkert, PC

Plaintiffs often see class-action lawsuits as an opportunity to collect large settlements from large corporations with “deep pockets.” Protect your company’s financial health and reputation. Contact Leritz & Plunkert, PC at 314-269-0135 or 800-383-1418.

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